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Welcome to LivePCtecH computer repair Chicago 

Computers have become so much part of our lives that it has become almost impossible to live without them even for a single day. When things go wrong with your computer, you would dearly want to have it fixed within a day, and we at LivePcTech are dedicated towards helping you with just that.

If you are in need of urgent help with your computer in Chicago, Arlington Heights, or Palatine, you could always rely on our professional and timely help. We are very adequately equipped to even handle laptop repair Chicago and Arlington Heights.

When your computer malfunctions, the first thing which you’ll need to do is to contact us over the telephone. Our telephone operators are well trained to identify the reasons for the malfunctioning of the computers and laptops. After the initial consultation, they will assign the work to the monster technician who will then visit you personally.

Or technicians are very efficient and they will assist you with Chicago computer repair and Arlington Heights computer repair. You could also take our proficient help for computer fix Palatine.

The technician will conduct initial diagnosis and identify the reasons for malfunctioning of your computer very accurately. Upon the initial diagnosis, they will also explain the possible options for fixing your computer and the costs for repairs, or for replacements of parts or accessories.

Some of the common computer problem Chicago, Palatine and Arlington Heights which we normally handle quite expertly are Configuring the Internet, LAN, Wireless and handling virus related issues. We also fix laptop Chicago and we are experts with data recovery Chicago.

There is nothing better than having a professional technician visit your doorsteps rather than having to carry it all the way to the repair shops for any type of computer problem Chicago. We perform the troubleshooting and repairs right in front of you.

Isn’t this system a lot better than having your systems collect dust in some repair shop for weeks or perhaps months together?

We provide proper guarantees on the services which we perform, and on the parts which we replace on your computers. We also do data recovery Chicago and we are also popular for our Arlington Heights data recovery service.

Our company specializes in:


  • Installing Operating Systems like Microsoft Windows, Linux, and UNIX
  • Laptops and Computer fix Palatine, Chicago and Arlington Heights
  • Installing software applications, programs and drivers
  • Data backup and Data recovery Chicago, Arlington Heights and Palatine
  • Enabling the WIFI network and configuration
  • System upgrades and parts replacements
  • Setting up server networks and configuring
  • Handling virus related issues and lots more


If you are in need of urgent and professional help for computers or laptop repair Chicago, you might want to call was immediately and have our professionals take care of your computers and resolve your issues quickly.

We do not just claim to give the fastest computer repair solutions. We back it up with strong guarantee as well. As a matter of fact, you do not even have to pay for the service if we do not fix your systems within 24 hours.

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